Renovating your own home whilst juggling children is tough! Trying to figure out the right trade for the right job on your own with limited time & knowledge? Even tougher!

Consider me your biggest supporter. A person to bounce ideas off and answer your questions. Managing all those tradies effectively can be frustrating – there is a lot to learn…

  • What are the steps to renovating your bathroom / kitchen / garden / living room?
  • Do I require an Architect or will a Builder do?
  • What are Cost Plus and Fixed Price Contracts?
  • What are the Council requirements?

And the killer….How do I KNOW my tradies KNOW what they are doing?

Of course…then there are materials;

  • Exterior Paint; Is grey really the new white?
  • Interior Paint; Will the paint harm my children?
  • What floor coverings will outlast my toddler and still look gorgeous? The list goes on..

Queue self-doubt, analysis paralysis & hours looking at pretty pictures on Pinterest with the grinding uncertainty on how to create THAT in your own home. Renovating Mums is here to help. I’ve been there. I’ve felt those butterflies in my stomach and the achingly teeth grindingly fear of standing in front of the trades and contractors and trying to convince them to build my dream, whilst not wanting to look like ‘that woman’, and we all know what that means.

I’ve stood there, professionally as a young Project Manager, and been advised  to go out to site, stand up to my builder and ask him ….word for word…’what the F** is your problem’…. And heart in my mouth I did. It worked…but how did I feel? Nervous, sullied…and  the butterflies did not stop. And so I learnt, I learnt a different way. A way to relate to my team (not just my ‘tradie’)…to have them work together WITH me to create spaces we could all be proud of.

And then I realised…do you know that our trades actually love what they do? They want to be given the opportunity to shine, to work with you and have a finished product that they are proud of.

I’ve won awards for my designs (I was a Landscape Architect specialising in public spaces) and been commended by colleagues, clients & government for my ability to bring teams together to achieve the desired outcome. Personally, I’ve seen the ability to be empathic to competing desires and needs to be of real value to managing successful builds and I firmly believe as MUMS we rock this trait!

I’ve renovated houses…from a young girl with the mum who thinks nothing of knocking down a wall at 8pm because she thinks we should ‘open the space up between the kitchen & living” (oh yep, no need to worry about Council then…& hey ho, we’ll figure out if the roof will cave in?!!…FYI it didn’t) to buying my first house at 16…. SIXTEEN! I’ve congealed mates to help me paint, learnt the art of ‘she’ll be right’,  flipped and flicked my way through 5 properties before heading off to experience with world….

I’m now older…wiser…more keen to hire a team to help me achieve that finish, and I’m driven by creating a space to call home. A home for my family to grow in, for my friends to relax in, a place the fills my heart.

This passion is why I have created this site. I want to help people – just like you!

To give you the confidence that you can do this…you can dream, manage and create that home for your family and I want to give you the confidence to take that leap!

I’ve created a directory of local trades and services, go-to teams with reviews submitted by other local mums in the same situation as you, backed by a facebook community of supportive local mums.

By following me you will learn from my mistakes – without having to make them yourself. You’ll learn from someone who knows what it takes to keep your team on track to finish the build, and you will gain knowledge on the process of renovating BEFORE the first hammer swings.

Let the resources of this website and our community support you along this path.

Marissa Towndrow

Marissa Towndrow xx

Renovating Mums Marissa Towndrow
Photo 1: Mid kitchen renovation & trying out my tiling skills!
Renovating Mums Kids
Photo 2: Like mother, like daughter...LOL!