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You're not alone!

You are capable of managing your own Renovation

What is home?

It conjures up so many feelings, so many emotions.

As a woman, you know the importance of home to family life. Of space for play, for growth, for love. For family laughs and creating memories with friends.

You have a vision for your house. A desire to renovate, or to build…to create your dream home.

But you feel like you are going in blind, where do dream homes start? You feel bewildered. There’s so many choices, so many decisions. You feel stuck, not knowing where to start.

You feel nervous about managing trades. Hesitant they’ll not respect you, they’ll talk over you, ‘manspeak’. Butterflies form when you think of the what ifs…you don’t want to waste precious $, you want to get it right, first time.

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Our Story

About Renovating Mums

Renovating Mums has been formed to help bring your vision to life because we believe you are capable of managing your own renovation.

You know your family better than anyone.

With the right knowledge, guidance, and a group of like-minded women for support and inspiration…You are capable of anything!

Who am I?

I’ve been where you are. Both personally and professionally. I’ve felt those butterflies in my stomach and the achingly teeth-grinding fear of standing in front of the trades and trying to convince them to build my dream.

My mum infused me with that can-do attitude when I was tiny in NZ. She bought old character villas, renovated to flip, then repeated.She was forever convincing me to help her rip down walls, plaster (I’m a mean plasterer), hang wallpaper and paint skirting boards. 

Inspired, I fell in love with design. Intrigued by how we relate to the spaces around us, how they make us feel.

This passion drove me to become a Landscape Architect. To fund my study I bought old houses myself. Old villas with leaking roofs, rotten weatherboards and no insulation. Weekends spent covered in paint, begging friends and family to help grew to hiring trades to help me renovate whilst I studied.  

I relocated to Sydney over a decade ago to work as a Project Landscape Architect. Blue skies, golden sand and a canopy of green and grey-blue I just did not expect stole my heart.

I’ve created our home here. I’m now older, less keen to DIY as life is crazy enough with young kids.  

I’ve struggled to find trades, wondering if online reviews are real or if I’d end up in reno disaster. I’ve felt lonely and lost in my planning. Wishing I had others to bounce ideas off and not just my hubby or friends that are reno’ed out. My conversation seems to be all design musing, paint colours, or floor choices.

Over seemly never-ending re-settling of children and sleepy FB surfing Renovating Mums was born!
An online hub to support, educate and inspire women to build their dream home through partnering with trusted trades and services in the renovating niche.

Empowering both women and trusted local businesses to grow.

Renovating Mums Marissa Towndrow

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“I’m driven by creating a space to call home. A home for my family to grow in, for my friends to relax in, a place that fills my heart.”

Marissa Towndrow

A bit about Marissa

Marissa Towndrow is an award-winning Landscape Architect & Project Manager.

A serial home renovator that just cannot sit still. She is driven to empower women to feel confident in managing their home renovations. Her mission is informing, educating and building connections to create a community of women achieving their renovating dreams.

Mum to 2 sparky little girls, she practices arguing with her shadow multiple times a day and loves hiding in the bath.