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Taking that Next Step

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is so damn necessary to have that extra bit of assistance. Whilst the Renovating Mums community have your back, participating in a renovation course can be that next step in accessing support and expert knowledge.

These renovation courses are available online to help you at each stage of your home renovation. To help you build and renovate your dream home without drama, budget blowouts or costly mistakes.

I can personally guarantee that the renovation courses on this page have the potential to save you time, money and stress on your reno journey.

A few of the links below are affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you sign up through my link. This doesn’t mean you pay any extra, it is just a thank you from the company for my referral. Please feel free to go directly to their site, but I am forever grateful if you go through my link.

Happy renovating,

Xxx Marissa

Renovation Courses

Amelia Lee Undercover Architect

Course Provider: Amelia Lee, Undercover Architect

With over 20 years industry experience within Australia, Amelia is amazing at distilling information and reducing the overwhelm. She has helped hundreds of homeowners renovate and build their own homes and is on a mission to simplify your project, and help you avoid the dramas and heartache many experience when building and renovating...

How to Get It Right in Your Reno or New Home

‘How to Get It Right in Your Reno’ takes you through the steps you need to know to have a great renovation project from start to finish. From setting your budget, being strategic in how you design and spend your money, getting your approvals and getting it built (and everything in between).
With the course delivered over 6 short weeks including templates, schedules and checklists Amelia has used on her own projects & with hundreds of clients, you will be able to realise your dream...without nightmares!

Manage Your Build

Don’t want a stress filled ride of budget blowouts, compromises and drama? Looking for clarity and peace of mind?
Deliberately comprehensive, Manage Your Build comprises of 8 modules that takes you through the stages of home construction. Its covers Contract 101, looking at the legalities from both the builders and lawyers perspective to help you protect yourself and your project. As well as a suite of resources including checklists, schedules and templates to keep your project running smoothly. All this is backed up with 1:1 Support to answer your construction questions and give professional guidance as you manage your new home build or renovation.

“I’m driven by creating a space to call home. A home for my family to grow in, for my friends to relax in, a place that fills my heart.”

Marissa Towndrow