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Are you a proven building and renovation tradie or supplier that wants to reach an actively renovating audience as they juggle family life, work and managing their own renos?

Well…you’ve come to the right place!

As you may have already realised, trying to gain the attention of a busy mum in the midst of the day-to-day is almost impossible.

From the mental load of doctor appointments, school homework, cooking dinner and being the family taxi, she is tired and overwhelmed by the time she relaxes to watch TV, flip through a magazine or scroll through her social media.

It’s no wonder that mass advertising methods don’t find their way through all the noise and clutter.

She is just looking to connect, join a conversation before having confidence to take that next step.

And as you are beginning to realise, mums make up a large portion of your renovation clients!

What if I told you that I can position your business and promotions in a way that reaches a highly interactive and engaged audience? That allows you to interact, in conversation to build trust, brand identity and conversion?

Introducing RMs Marketing

For tradies and renovation suppliers; empowering both women and business to grow.

Now there is a more effective and affordable way to reach your target audience who are actively looking for the product or service you offer. Through multiple touchpoints Renovating Mums positions you as a trusted business.

10,000+ Active Members

99% Female

92% Actively Renovating

And while these numbers are impressive, the real gold lies in the fact that when you advertise with us, you don’t just get another media outlet to share your message, you get a GROWTH PARTNER.


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Renovating Mums

Growing Your Business through human to human marketing

Unlike many other advertisers you may have worked with in the past, I believe we all profit from growing together, collaboratively.

I am committed to ensuring you reach your target audience in a way that engages, cuts through the endless fluff and noise, and builds a supportive community. I do this by:

  • Focusing exclusively on content related to the renovating and building niche. Our platform is 100% renovation focused. So you can be sure your message is not diluted amongst general mums chat and day-today life.
  • Creating a reliable high-touch brand that women renovating know and trust. I don’t hide behind logos or bland updates (although sometimes I wish I did!). The RM’s community know who I am as I build our relationship with them and support them through their journey.
  • Being super selective about who I partner with (this is HUGE). That is why when we share your content, support your business and brand, our community know they can trust it.
  • Partnering for growth: as part of our advertising packages I share monthly tips & tricks for businesses marketing in today’s environment with resources and connections to experts in their field.

Yes, Renovating Mums is committed to helping you skyrocket to success!

Are you ready to reach actively renovating women?

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Got questions?

Check out answers to some commonly asked questions below

It takes time to build brand recognition and trust with any audience. We are not going to tell you leads will happen overnight but they will happen over time. That’s why we offer annual packages to our directory members.

Not a problem. We recognise that not all businesses within the building and renovation services niche fit within our directory or VIP Membership structure.
We offer multiple opportunities to engage and promote with our audience. Please download a media kit above or contact us on to discuss personalising the options.

Our VIP Membership is unique within the building and renovation niche. We use a proven method of introducing new customers to your business through a incentive, either a discount or benefit. There is no charge at this stage to businesses that appear in the program. However, you must align with our values and be approved as a provider of valued products.

We have a strong social media community and we can definitely help you build trust and relationships.

We don’t do the selling, you do. What we do is connect you with our audience. We raise your brand awareness, build relationships and trust as this is what it takes to make sales online in today’s market. Conversation=Relationship=Trust=Sales

We don’t think anyone ever does. However, it can sometimes be more expensive to do nothing. We have a highly engaged niche audience of actively renovating women looking to support proven local businesses and trades. If your business aligns with our audience then it makes sense to invest in reaching the right customers.
Our Premium directory package costs as much as 2 glasses of wine a week (and not even the $$$ ones). Our Essentials package much less. Imagine what reaching the right audience could do for your business?

Good question! While Google ads and Facebook ads are great for driving traffic to your site, when it comes to actual sales, women love word of mouth. We place a great premium on the recommendations of our friends and family. When you advertise with Renovating Mums, you gain instant credibility and a stamp of approval from us for over 9,000 local women.