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Helping You Plan Your Perfect Home Renovation

It’s almost an oxymoron isn’t it? Planning your perfect home renovation.

Let’s be honest, no renovation is perfect. We all know that there may be hiccups and hurdles to overcome. This is why the team at Renovating Mums has put together your go-to source of renovation resources and tools. Designed to help you plan and manage the renovation of your house to create your dream home!

I can personally guarantee that everything on this page has the potential to save you time, money and stress on your reno journey.

Some you can download straight away, others will require you to provide your email address.

Happy renovating,

Xxx Marissa

Free Building & Renovation Resources!

Epic Renovation Budgeting Spreadsheet

Need an Excel spreadsheet to budget and track those renovation costs? Here it is! Budgeting for your renovation can be a real headache. You’re not sure what trades you need to allow for, what fixtures, fittings you need to consider, nor if you should even allow a contingency fund. The Renovating Mums Budgeting Spreadsheet gives you one place to track these costs and more.

Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Are you about to embark upon a bathroom renovation or ensuite renovation? Bathrooms and wet areas can be fiddly and mistakes costly. Our bathroom renovation checklist includes a step-by-step planner to ensure you consider all the little details, from bathroom layout and design through to ordering the required fittings & fixtures.

Project Management - Evernote

Looking to manage your home renovation online? Evernote is an easy-to-use platform that is super effective when it comes to online organisation. You can use it as an individual to help with scheduling and sorting to ensure you keep everyone on track and accountable.

Project Management - Trello

Need to keep track of your home renovation? Trello is a great option for Project Management as it is flexible and will adapt to any sized project. The ability to set up separate boards in a To Do, Doing, Done format is invaluable. As is the ability to collaborate with your partner and even your trades by adding them to the boards they are responsible for. There is also the free add-on ‘Costello Power-Up’ to assist with budgeting.

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