Selecting the best tile for bathroom walls seems like a daunting challenge with so many colour and style options to consider. You probably have ideas about how you want your dream bathroom to look but need guidance on ways to bring it all together.

Vivid Bathrooms in Sydney is an industry leader in luxury bathroom construction and design. They are specialists and assist with your entire project from floor to ceiling. Wall tiles are an essential part of your bathroom scheme and here are their top tips on how to choose the best tile for your bathroom walls.

1. Select Your Favourite Pattern

Choose your favourite tile pattern to include in your build or renovation. This could be an accent or theme tile that informs your entire design.

Most times, a favourite pattern reveals whether you like to go bold or keep it mellow. Remember to share your tile picks with your renovation team. This is a great starting point to understand your sense of style.

2. Blend Your Tile Choices

In modern luxury bathrooms, you may notice more than one tile is chosen for the walls. The best tiles for bathroom walls are a combination that create a beautiful visual palette and contributes to the overall style and ambience of the room.

One trend is combining large-format tiles with smaller tiles on a feature wall to give the room a sense of wow. Large tiles give the room an expansive and seamless look, whereas smaller tiles add visual interest and create contrast.

3. Consider Shapes and Sizes

Getting the right shapes and sizes of tiles for your bathroom walls is essential for two reasons: you must love your bathroom, and renovations are meant to last for years to come.

Frequently, there are different tile shapes and sizes throughout a bathroom. From floors to walls to showers, you want elegant transitions, so the room has a relaxing and inviting flow. Small tiles are generally used on feature walls with larger tiles used on the other walls with less grout lines to assist with cleaning.

4. Select Your Tiles Before Starting the Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is about seeing your dreams become a reality. Don’t hesitate to get involved and let your choices be known. Maybe you have a tile pattern you have fallen in love with, or you want to take risks with colour combinations. 

One idea is to create a moodboard before beginning the renovation process to give you confidence about each tile and how it blends with other materials, fixtures and hardware.

5. Check Out Popular Bathroom Design Styles

It’s helpful to browse through magazines and online resources to find tile styles that you love and to see unique combinations. Check out these bathroom renovation packages for ideas on how to use tiles to transform your bathroom.  

Have a look through Pinterest and Instragram. Like or Pin your favorites and you will start to see a pattern in the type of bathroom style and tiles styles that you love. The point is to be proactive about your renovation so that you get the look you want.  

6. Use an Expert Team To Install the Best Tile for Bathroom Walls

Vivid Bathrooms is your team for stylish and luxurious bathroom renovations. They have the design expertise to help you choose the best tile for bathroom walls and the construction know-how to deliver gorgeous results. 

Their mission is to make happy customers, and their five-star reviews prove it! Contact them to learn about their company and discuss your renovation needs.

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