When designing your bathroom, selecting the right basin for your vanity is an important decision. Not only does it impact the overall aesthetics and vanity choice, but it also affects functionality and daily convenience. Let’s explore two popular basin types: above-counter basins and under-mount basins, weighing their pros and cons. Whether you’re renovating your ensuite or updating the family bathroom, let’s dive into the details.

Above-Counter Basins (Vessel Sinks)


Stylish Design: Above-counter basins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing for endless design possibilities. Whether you prefer sleek ceramic or eye-catching glass, these basins can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom space.

JustInPlace Above Counter Concrete Pink Vessel Basin Brass Taps Custom
Custom Vanity and Vessel Basin; Just In Place Sydney

Space-Saving: If you’re dealing with a compact or narrow bathroom, above-counter basins are your allies. By sitting atop the vanity or countertop, they create the illusion of more space. Perfect for cozy bathrooms!

JustInPlace Above Counter Vessel Basin Brass Taps
Above Counter Vessel Basin; Just In Place Sydney

Customisation: Want a basin that matches your unique style? Above-counter sinks offer more customisation options compared to traditional undermount basins. Choose from materials like glass, ceramic, stone, or even metal to complement your bathroom decor.

Easy Installation: Installing above-counter basins is typically a breeze. Unlike undermount sinks that require cutting into the countertop, these sit directly on top. Save time and money during installation.

JustInPlace Above Counter Vessel Bathroom Basin Double
Double Basin Vanity; Just In Place Sydney

Accessibility: The raised height of above-counter basins makes them more accessible for individuals with mobility issues. Say goodbye to bending down uncomfortably to use a lower sink.


Splashing: Since the basin sits above the countertop, there’s a higher chance of water splashing onto surrounding surfaces. Proper faucet positioning is crucial to minimise this issue.

Cleaning Difficulty: Dirt and grime can accumulate around the edges of above-counter basins, making cleaning a tad more challenging compared to undermount sinks.

Limited Counter Space: Depending on the basin’s size and shape, it can occupy a significant portion of your countertop. Consider this when planning your bathroom essentials.

Potential for Damage: Exposed above-counter basins may be more susceptible to accidental impacts or heavy objects placed on top of them.

Tapware Compatibility: Not all taps work well with above-counter basins. Ensure your chosen tap is compatible in terms of height and design to prevent water splashing.

Undermount Basins


Easy Cleaning: No edges mean no dirt traps. Cleaning around undermount basins is straightforward, as there’s no countertop surface to worry about.

Novale Bathrooms Sydney integrated basin
Integrated Basin; Novale Bathrooms Sydney

Maximised Counter Space: Since the basin is hidden, you have more usable countertop area for toiletries, cosmetics, and other essentials.

Novale bathrooms Sydney undermount basin brass in wall taps
Undermount Basin; Novale Bathrooms Sydney

Durability: Undermount basins are less exposed, reducing the risk of accidental damage.


Installation Complexity: Undermount basins require precise installation, involving cutting into the countertop. Professional help is advisable.

Less Customisation: Compared to above-counter basins, your material and design choices are somewhat limited.

Cost: Undermount basins can be pricier due to installation requirements and the need for quality materials.

Accessibility: They may not be as accessible for everyone, especially those with mobility challenges.

Choose Wisely

When choosing your bathroom vanity basin make sure you consider your space, style preferences, and daily needs. Whether you opt for the chic flair of above-counter basins or the seamless elegance of undermount basins, make an informed choice. Your bathroom deserves nothing less than perfection!

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