In what order do you install new cabinets and flooring?

This is one of the questions we see popping up frequently in our Renovating Mums community, and for good reason as if you get it wrong it can be a disaster! There are a few crucial factors that influence if your cabinets are installed first, or if your flooring is…

The number 1 question: What type of flooring are you installing?

If you ask 10 people what they did, the odds are that 5 installed their cabinets first with no problems, and then 5 installed their floors first with no problems. The key question that influences what will work for you is what type of flooring you are planning to install!

For fixed tiling or solid hardwood timber floors then you install the flooring first, before the kitchen cabinetry. 

For most engineered timber, floating floor types and loose tiles, you install your cabinetry first before the flooring. 

The reason is that most engineered floors, floating floor and loose tile types are not rated to take the weight of the kitchen cabinet carcusses and you will end up with problems.  These types are floors are not designed to have the structural integrity to take the weight. 

Now, generally, most of home renovators are keen to avoid the look of additional scotia / beading running along their kickboards, island bench and cabinets that comes with installing an engineered, hybrid or vinyl floor type after cabinets. This scotia and beading is used hide the expansion gaps required around the perimeter of floating floors and must be there to prevent problems. To avoid the look and have a flush finish, have your joiner or kitchen installer install the cabinets without the kickboards so you can slide the boards under and then install the kickboards after the floors. 

Hope this helps, 

x Marissa

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