OR the things you MUST include when designing a family-friendly kitchen.

These days there are so many options when designing your family kitchen that it is difficult to really know what design trend works, and what is just a fad that you don’t need.  

We see so many people spending their often limited hard earned renovation dollars on the next best kitchen trend to find it lets them down during the day-to-day chaos of family life.  

In this post, Renovating Mums is going to share what Sydney mums have found to be their 18 BEST family friendly kitchen design decisions to help you on your renovating journey. 

P.S Note this is a list of absolute favorites from the community. We may all have different experiences and budgets, but it is a great first step to inform your design decisions when planning your kitchen (and don’t forget to check out Part 2, the 10 BIGGEST regrets).  


1. Deep Drawers instead of cupboards 

We love them! For ease of access and utilising all of the space available.  

Tip: Consider pot drawers and drawers integrated into bottom of pantry instead of shelves. 

2. Engineered Stone Benchtops 

Looks and feels beautiful. More wear resistant than laminate, though you will need to watch little kids putting bowls and cups on it (think smash…). There are many suppliers to consider; Caesarstone,  Quantum Quartz,  SmartStone and Silestone to name just a few.

3. Soft Close Fittings 

My personal favourite…but I had what felt like the worlds worst sleeper!  Blum fittings are well-known to be one of the best. Hafele  and Hettich are also good.

4. Power Points  

Always make sure there’s enough above the bench. Don’t forget to consider USB points. I’ve even put power points in a cupboard so I could hide our modem in there. 

Charging Station Family Friendly Kitchen Design
Charging Station built into kitchen drawers (Image: Studio Dearborn)

5. Butlers pantry with worktops for larger appliances 

If you have the space, do it. Anywhere where we can hide the mess to clean up later once the kids are organised is a bonus as well as the extra storage. If you are super organised these can become the ‘control room’ of the home, with checklists and bulk foodstuff storage. If you are entertainers, then this area can come into its own with additional dishwasher, oven, microwave….the options are endless.

6. Wine Storage 

Enough said…we’re mums, we need it.  

7. Built in pull-out rubbish & recycling bins 

My absolute favorite in our new kitchen renovation. We have large pull-out bins that are integrated into the island bench (who would have thought you could be so excited by a rubbish bin?!). Looks sleek, functions beautifully and was well worth the additional cost rather than juggling small rubbish and recycling bins under the sink or a free standing. 

Pull Out Bins Family Friendly Kitchens
Westco Pull Boy Bins built into kitchen (Image: Binopolis)

8. Zip instant hot water / Filtered cold water tap 

Super convenient; can fit boiling, chilled and even sparkling water! Comes in a variety of colours.   

9. Two Ovens 

Many mums loved the flexibility of two ovens. If you have space, do it! 

10. Mixer Tap with pull-out spray hose 

Matt black, polished or brushed chrome…these are amazing. From discreet pull-out nozzles for a minimalist look or with a spring construction to achieve a more industrial vibe. These are great for washing little bubbas in the sink (come on, we all do it), to our home hairdresser rinsing out colour. Spray hoses are a must have!  

Mixer Tap Family Friendly Kitchen Design
Discreet Oliveri Vilo Pull Out Tap with Zip ChillTap with chilled and sparkling filtered water sourced from Winnings Appliances (Image: Provincial Kitchens)

11. Double Sink  

For all those family dishes that cannot go in a dishwasher. Second sink is useful for hiding the dish drainer (drying dishes are below bench height), for soaking or even cleaning veges and emptying water from pasta whilst your multi-tasking through witching hour.  

Tip: Check that one of them is big enough to fit your pans in.  

12. Overmount Sink 

To protect those stone edges. Mums are finding that stone benchtops do have a tendency to chip, especially with children playing in the sink and with some heavy pots and pans.  
There are many sink types out there that still have a sleek look with a narrow lip. I love Abey Lucia sinks and have one installed.  

13. Check benchtops are deep enough for appliances 

Check check double check that all the appliances you plan to use, actually fit on the benchtop and that you still have preparation space available. Let’s be honest, even though we all plan to hide them in the cupboard, they generally do end up living on the bench! 

14. 3m Island Bench

Ideally an extra deep island bench so you can fit cupboards & drawers on the other side for extra storage for craft / games / stationery. 

We have this in our small apartment. The extra storage is a dream and we really did not need a long breakfast bar when we also have a dining area. Such a fab flexible space. 

Family Friendly Kitchen Design
Extra deep island bench allows for additional storage (Original image: Provincial Kitchens)

15. Pull-out drawers in kickboard space  

Perfect for platters and flat storage, and you can’t beat additional storage.  

16. Cupboard with vertical partitions for baking trays

Super useful! Easy to see everything stored, and easy to access and slide out.

17. Hand soap and detergent nozzle fitted into benchtop beside tap 

I love this idea! Reduces clutter from the benchtop. Simple but effective.  

And Finally…

18. Wide cutlery drawers 

Having cutlery and utensil drawers the same width as the pot drawers allows you space to easily see everything, including all the kids paraphilia. I have the Blum Orga-line for Tandembox dividing system and find it super flexible and tough wearing.

So there you go, the 18 BEST Family Friendly Design Decisions our renovating mums community have found to be fabulous. If you would like to know more or would like some advice then head over to our Facebook Group where you can ask for advice from fellow mums for free!

Or if you are hunting for recommended Kitchen Designers & Renovators in Sydney, check out our trades and services directory.

Happy renovating!

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  1. Lou

    Great post! Had not thought about a charging station in a drawer or pull out drawers in the kick board space, what a great idea!
    Looking forward to reading the “regrets” post as well.

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    a very informative blog. Thanks for sharing the advice. Keep up the good work!

  3. Tessie Mooring

    A place to hang wet tea towels. I continuously have a couple of wet towels every time I’m working in the kitchen. An extra bin for food scraps for compost for those environmental lovers!

    1. Marissa Listing Owner

      Great suggestions! Thank you x

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  5. Curtis Butler

    I think it’s good that you mentioned the importance of ensuring that your appliances will fit on your benchtop while still give your access to preparation space. My wife and I have been thinking about having our kitchen remodeled with the money we inherited from my uncle, but we are worried that we may not have enough room for the cooking equipment we received as wedding presents. We’ll consider finding a remodeling service that can help us set up a wide benchtop for our kitchen.

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