5 Things To Consider When Dressing A Kitchen Window

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Family and friends get together to eat, drink and be merry. But, it can be one of the messiest rooms of the house, with the potential for food, grease, and dirt to be sprayed around, while delicious meals are being cooked up.

Choosing the right window dressings is essential to give you light and privacy control. Plus, you’ll want something that looks great and is easy to keep clean. So what are the best window treatments for kitchens? We chatted with the team from Heartwood Timber Floors and Shutters for their advice and what to consider.

1. Avoid Heavy Fabrics

Heavy fabrics in the kitchen will get splattered with food and retain cooking smells. Unless you want to be washing your kitchen window dressings all the time, it’s a good idea to avoid heavy curtains. Faux wood shutters or polyester roller blinds are great for kitchens, being moisture resistant and easy to wipe down.

2. Think About Moisture

Many kitchens have a window right above the sink. This can lead to water being sprayed onto window coverings that causes them to break down. It’s best to avoid real wood blinds, as these can warp in moist, humid conditions. Opt for practical materials such as PVC, polyester or faux wood.

3. How Easy To Clean

Even if you’re the tidiest cook, food can get splattered onto nearby objects un-knowingly. As time goes by, food gunk will build up on your kitchen blinds, making them look stained and old. By choosing an easy-to-clean material such as PVC or faux wood, you can easily vacuum and wipe down your blinds so they stay looking fresh.

4. Light and Privacy

Does your kitchen window look out over a busy street or walkway? This can mean prying eyes are constantly looking into your kitchen. The right custom kitchen blinds give you great privacy and light control, while still being practical and stylish. Some great options are faux wood shutters or roller blinds.

5. Window Storage Space

Window sills are handy places to store ornaments, books, or plants. In the kitchen, you might want to keep spice pots or your recipe books here. If you’re lucky enough to have an ample window sill, choose a window treatment that doesn’t cover this space.

Blinds or Shutters for a Kitchen Window?

Now you know what to consider when dressing a kitchen window. Whether you choose blinds or shutters is up to you. They are both fantastic options that look great, are affordable and do well in humid conditions if you pick the right material.

If you are planning new window treatments or looking to upgrade your current window dressings then give the team a call at Heartwood Timber Floors and Shutters a call on (02) 9620 9699. As well as being incredibly helpful and knowledgeable they have a great showroom in Seven Hills with all the samples you need; check them out here.

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