A home renovation is the ideal time to create the wardrobe of your dreams. Designing your dream wardrobe is no easy task, so we called in the experts at DéGabriele Kitchens to offer their top tips.

How to design your wardrobe

1. Get The Best Advice

The best piece of advice is to seek expert advice! Attempting to cut corners and save money will cost you in the end. To truly create a dream wardrobe, call in the specialists. They will provide a fresh perspective, tried and tested solutions, out of the box ideas and have exclusive access to skills, materials, and trades.

Look for companies, like DéGabriele, that offer a start-to-finish bespoke service. A design team will work directly with you to review your space, your needs and your aesthetic style. They will help you select fittings and fixtures, and showcase luxurious items in a design showroom. 

wardrobe details accessory space storage DeGabriele Sydney
Beautiful accessory storage & display; DeGabriele

A full service renovation company helps streamline the process, control the project management and maintain a clearly defined vision and budget. From demolition to completion, the t’s will be crossed, and the i’s will be dotted.

2. A place for everything, everything in its place.

Spend some time to really think about how you wish to use the wardrobe space. What do you want to store? What do you wish to display? What items need to be accessed daily? How many shoes do you own, and do you have space to store them all easily?

wardrobe zones how to design hanging space DeGabriele Sydney
Zone storage & hanging space; DeGabriele

Create a list of the zones you wish to incorporate and the size required for each. Standard zones may include:

  • Short hanging space
  • Long hanging space
  • Shallow drawers
  • Deep drawers
  • Shoe storage
  • Open shelving
  • Accessory storage

Each person is unique, and the true luxury of a custom wardrobe is having it designed to meet your individual needs. Perhaps you also want a built-in dresser, a work desk, and filing cabinet, display shelving, a floor-length mirror, special lighting, bag or hat storage, hooks for your vintage necklace collection… you get the idea. 

accessory space carrie bradshaw wardrobe custom DeGabriele Sydney
Stunning feature display storage; DeGabriele

Taking the time to consider, list, and evaluate how you wish to use the wardrobe space will help ensure that the finished result is a true joy to use.

3. Make A Statement

You may be fortunate enough to have a walk-in-robe to rival Carrie Bradshaw’s. However, even the smallest spaces can be cleverly and deliberately renovated to make a grand statement.

Your wardrobe doesn’t merely have to be functional. Take care in selecting materials, textures, layout, and statement finishes creating a wardrobe that is functional AND visually glorious.

This Norwest wardrobe renovation is a beautiful example of how the room’s overall feel is transformed from generic to luxurious with a bespoke wardrobe upgrade. DéGabriele removed the room’s standard wardrobes with sliding mirror doors. Every detail is luxurious, romantic, and special: the unique curved paneling on the cabinetry, the ornate glass knobs, the timber veneer interior, and contrast display shelving and gorgeous built-in dresser with reeded drawer feature turn drab to completely fab!

wardrobe detail design custom sydney how to degbriele
Gorgeous luxurious details; DeGabriele

Do it once and do it properly! Follow these tips to create the wardrobe you’ve always dreamt about, where form meets function. Make your wardrobe your favourite space in your home.

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