Good things come in small packages...

Just because your bathroom is small, does not mean it cannot pack a punch in the design stakes, nor be highly functional!

In fact, small bathrooms can be a little oasis from the chaos of family life. With some clever design planning that maximises storage and gives the illusion of space, you can renovate your small bathroom to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

We chatted to Claudia of KMK Property Solutions in Sydney’s Northern Beaches for her top small bathrooms renovation tips. 

Tips On How To Renovate a Small Bathroom

1. Planning

It is crucial to understand the ways to maximise the space. Chat with your builder or bathroom renovation professional to determine if you should move the plumbing. Your budget can restrict this, however realigning the toilet / vanity or shower can really open up a space. Also consider the location of lighting.

2. Consider changing the bathroom door

Chat to your builder about installing a cavity sliding door or even a barn door. This reduces the impact of the door swinging opening into the limited bathroom area and can open up the amount of space available for locating bathroom features. You may just be able to squeeze in a bigger bath or even a separate shower!

3. Keep the design simple and use large format tiles.

Small bathroom Simple Design to Increase Space

Simple lines, apart from looking elegant, visually provide symmetry.

Large patterns and large format tiles can fool the eye and make spaces seem larger as there are fewer grout lines to disrupt the eye. Bonus is they are easier to keep clean!

4. Use lighter coloured tiles for the bathroom walls

Light colours will allow the light to be reflected and increase the sense of spaciousness.

5. Install a floating vanity with rounded edges

A floating vanity will visually give the impression the bathroom is more spacious.
In tight areas ensure the edges of the vanity are rounded to reduce catching your hips on the corners and any potential bruising.

6. Use large mirrors

Small Bathroom Large Mirror to Increase Sense of SpaceLarge mirrors are a fabulous cost-effective design feature make your small bathroom look larger and allow the light to reflect around the small space. Mirrors placed strategically give the illusion the room is deeper.

Remember to check to see what is reflected; place an artwork opposite, open shelf with green plant or colourful soft towels.

7. Simplify your shower screen panel

Use only half shower screen panel above the bath. This reduces the visual clutter from hardware and increases the sense of space.

They are also just as functional – see our blog on the different types of shower screens here

8. Lightning is really important!

Lighting is crucial, especially in small spaces. Try LED recessed strip lighting and a pair of wall sconces either side of the vanity mirror.

Allow for plenty of natural light. Consider a skylight if there are no windows. A skylight above the bath / shower can be an amazing feature! Just think of looking up to the clouds rolling over…

9. Think clever storage

Small bathroom Open Shelf VanityCupboards with doors that open can restrict space in a small bathroom forcing you to bend into awkward positions. Use an open shelf system under the vanity; think baskets or stacking towels. Wall-mounted shelves and recessed cabinetry can be clever ideas for small bathrooms. 

10. Keep it clean and organised.

Reduce clutter and keep the essentials. 

Decanting toiletries into same or similar bottles in a shower or bath nook reduce the impact of visual clutter on the eye and give the illusion of more space. You can also have fun incorporating this into your design style for the bathroom; white dispenser bottles for Hamptons Beach Style or amber glass bottles for a touch of Industrial Chic?

If you would like more information on any of the above or would like to discuss your small bathroom renovation with Claudia and her team, then please contact (02) 9191 1525 or check out their listing here. 

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  1. Curtis Butler

    I think it’s great that you mentioned how you should consider coming up with storage options for your bathroom. My wife and I feel like our bathroom is starting to get cluttered. I wonder if a renovation service could help us add some storage space.