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Get ready for an exclusive dive into the hottest 2024 pool trends! We’re about to unveil the secrets shaping the pool market, from size preferences to vibrant colour choices and even the latest in water types. Immerse yourself in these trends for the ultimate inspiration to craft your own sanctuary at home.

We chatted to Carolina of Aquify Pools for all her insights and tips.

The Rise of the 6m Pool

One trend in the pool industry is the growing popularity of the 6m pool. In fact, it’s not just gaining traction – it’s on the verge of surpassing the classic 7m pool. Homeowners and designers alike are opting for more compact yet stylish pools.

6m Empire Pool Sydney

Empire Pool; part of the Piazza Series

6m Empire Pool Sydney Fibreglass

Platinum Perfection

When it comes to colour choices, platinum continues to reign supreme. This colour adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to any water haven. Its timeless appeal ensures that it remains a top choice for those aiming to create an elegant poolside experience.

360 Serenity: Dive into luxury with a Round Pool

Round pools are gaining popularity this 2024 for their aesthetic appeal and versatility in fitting into various backyard layouts. The rounded edges not only enhance visual appeal but also create a more inclusive and social atmosphere around the pool.


  • 400mm wide bench seat around the entire perimeter of the Infinity
  • Step for easy entry and exit from the pool
  • Optional spa jets for a complete hydrotherapy experience
  • Optimum water flow & very efficient filtration Softer, organic design that blends with your landscaping
  • Can be installed inground or partially out of ground
round infinity pool sydney

The Freshwater Revolution

In the quest for well-being lifestyle, freshwater pools are taking center stage. As people become more health-conscious, the preference for freshwater over traditional chlorinated water is on the rise. Freshwater pools offer a more natural and gentle experience, perfectly aligning with the expanding emphasis on holistic well-being.

Additional Features Gaining Traction

  • Automation and Integration – Automation features are becoming increasingly popular, allowing pool owners to control various functions effortlessly. From adjusting water temperature to managing lighting and filtration systems, automation brings convenience to the forefront of the aquatic experience. Access the free Aquify Pools guide on pool care, providing step-by-step instructions and tips to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of your swimming pool. 
  • Cordless Robots – Cordless robots are becoming the go-to choice for pool maintenance. These efficient robots navigate pools, ensuring a sparkling clean surface. In summary, this year is marked by a forefront of innovation, style, and a strong emphasis on well-being. Whether you’re considering a more compact pool, opting for platinum elegance, embracing round designs, or prioritizing freshwater experiences, the options are diverse and exciting. Enquire today for a free quote and see how Aquify can help you build your dream pool. 

All Aquify Pools are built to last:

  • Made in Australia to suit local conditions
  • Manufactured with full-sized ribs & a full-size structural edge-beam
  • Manufactured with structurally supported seats, steps & swim-out areas for extra strength
  • Made with all fittings fibreglassed to the shell for additional structural integrity
  • Manufactured using Certified Swimming Pool Grade Fibreglass – specifically for pools
If you would like more information on any of the above or would like to discuss installing a pool on your property in Sydney, call Carolina and her team on 1300 467 665 or check out their listing here. 
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