Renovation trends are always interesting and making little changes to your home can be lots of fun. However if you are considering a home renovation or design changes to your house, you don’t want to pick a trend that is fleeting – do you?

Depending on the amount of money you spend or the amount of chaos to your family life that happens when you put one of these renovation trends into place in your home, you may want the ‘trend’ to last more than just a little while!

Here are some of our favourite home renovation trends for 2019 that we think will absolutely stand the test of time – giving you and your family pleasure for many years to come.

Renovating for Needs more than Wants

There is an awareness now in the cooling of the housing market which seems to be causing homeowners to focus more on needs than wants when renovating their homes. This helps to ensure that they are not overcapitalising when getting this investment back on the resale of the home is no longer guaranteed.

This includes building smaller homes that don’t cost as much to heat or to clean, as well as those without extra optional rooms like a home theatre or a walk-in closet. People are making better use of space instead, as well as choosing homes that offer a flexible solutions for the future.

We still need little luxuries and indulgences in our homes, but these are taking on a more practical approach. This can include space that is more easily adaptable for different targets such as people without kids or empty nesters. It also includes design options and storage that will allow the owners to age gracefully in their homes – planning for long-term practicality.

The surge in people working from home has also seen an increase in beautiful and practical home office spaces. These rooms can be flexible spaces, also functioning as an ad-hoc guest room when the need arises.

Home Office Renovation Trends
Renovation Trends; Home Office. Source: Pinterest

Colours for 2019

Colour trends at the moment are showing a move toward more muted and organic tones, and those that bring a feeling and connection with nature. We are seeing more homes adding colour touches that bring the outdoors in, and are accentuated beautifully by indoor plants (which, quite frankly, should never go out of fashion!)

In exterior colours, we are seeing beautiful botanical shades like greens and browns, as well as elegant and classic looks that will last a lifetime like greys, white and cream.

Trends in interior tones and palettes are seeing injections of rich and bold colours mixed with more muted or natural colours.

We are seeing royal blue, lush red, deep pinks and vibrant greens, for example, popping up to give residents a warm welcome and open embrace. We are also seeing tonal reds and lots of shades of pink, including millennial pink and living coral – two of the most popular colours in interior design.

Dulux Shetland Half Lace
Colour Trends; Dulux Wholeself Range
Source: Dulux

For colour ideas and inspiration, check out Dulux here. 

Bathroom Design Trends

Bathrooms will always be a central part of the family home, because they are just so completely necessary! In renovation trends we are seeing a lot of personal touches and eclectic additions sneaking into bathroom design. They are becoming spaces to express your individuality and create that haven of self-care and relaxation. 

Again, the use of natural looks and textures is a feature in bathrooms, with the use of materials such as copper, stone and granite.

We love the look of statement vanities, such as those made from gorgeous pieces of timber, and those that are ‘floating’ or wall hung rather than on a base. We are also excited about the whimsical look of swapping out door handles with quirky knobs & knockers and the use of vintage, ornate and artisan lighting fixtures.

Renovation Trends Bathroom Vanity
‘Upcycled’ bathroom vanity oozing character.
Source: Just In Place

Interior Design Ideas

Some of the interior design renovation trends we are seeing this year are so much fun, as well as continuing the feeling of natural and organic connection. We love the sustainable and natural fabrics we are seeing, not just in upholstered furniture, throws, and cushions but also in art on the walls such as baskets, hats and more.

The movement towards natural fabrics speaks to the broader conversations happening across architecture and design right now that is all about embracing a peaceful retreat from crazy, modern life.

Some lovely use of patterns is emerging as well including bold black and whites, geometric patterns and even florals.

You don’t need to spend big to embrace these trends, with reasonably priced pieces available online or through department stores. Check out the new Natural trend in Kmart.

Renovation Trends Kmart Natural Scandi
Natural Trends for Living. Source: Kmart

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor living spaces are incredibly important in our climate and for balancing family life. Following indoor design cues, we are seeing a more relaxed feel with statement pieces and mixing materials for a warm tactile look.

Believe it or not, but 1970s accents are coming back into trend and work wonderfully well in outdoor living areas. Think statement pieces, sunken conversation pits, focal points of fireplaces and luxe textures.

If you have some renovation ideas that you are excited about in your home this year – we would love to see photos! Comment and share your ideas below or join our group here.

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