Or 5 top tips to bathroom reno success!!

Planning a bathroom renovation can be a bit daunting. Not knowing where to start, what the key steps are, and how to ensure you end up with a bathroom both you and your family love! Today, we have expert Beck Gausel from Renovation By Design in to talk through her 5 Key Steps….

1. Find Your Bathroom Design Style

Scrolling through photos can be fun and exciting, but also overwhelming!

The best way to figure out your style is to look through as many photos as you can and save them. This helps you to determine one particular style you love the most.

The two best tools I love to use are Pinterest and Instagram.

Both have easy save options you can review what caught your eye later and start to see a trend.

There are so many amazing designers on instagram! I find it is the easiest way to see what’s current and be inspired.

Steps to planning a bathroom renovation

2. Find your bathroom dream team

Once you have made the decision to go ahead with a renovation, the task of finding the right people for the job can be daunting…

I find most people like to get referrals from friends. This way you have someone you already trust giving you a solid referral on their quality of work. At the end of the day we all just want a really great job done for a fair price.

If you don’t have any friends with recently completed renovations there are a few local facebook groups out there with a wealth of knowledge, connecting community and local businesses. And of course, I recommend Renovating Mums!

Make sure that you do your due diligence. Review their references, check licenses and ensure they are insured. You can see the RM’s checklist here.

Steps to planning a bathroom renovation

3. Plan Your Bathroom Layout

Getting the layout that works best for the space is usually something you can talk over with the experts you have chosen. They will have lots of practical ideas from years of experience guiding you how everything fits best in the space.

Steps to planning a bathroom renovation

4. Bathroom Design

Now the fun part begins!

This is the time to go back to all the pictures you have collected and start putting together the look.

With so many ideas out there, my design tip is to pick a statement piece for your bathroom and build around it. Whether it’s coloured tapware or a patterned floor, use this as a starting point and the rest will fall into place.

Steps to planning a bathroom renovation

5. Product Sourcing

Breaking everything into categories helps. Keep a list of products you like as you go…

  • Tiles – Floor, wall, feature if you are using them and grout colour
  • Tapware, towel rails hooks and toilet roll holders – there are so many colour choices these days
  • Toilet
  • Vanity – Note this is usually one of the most expensive things other than a bath
  • Shower screen
  • Bath

It is usually best to have all the products sourced before the renovation begins.
Some items will have a 3-4 week lead time for delivery because of production time and fixtures like shower mixers need to have parts installed when the initial plumbing goes in.

Steps to planning a bathroom renovation

Hopefully after all your hard work you will have a wonderful space for family to enjoy for years to come!

If you want to chat to Beck yourself, or get in touch with the team at Renovation By Design you can check them out here.

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