Bathrooms with personality that take us on a journey and meet the needs of all family members.

One of our fabulous Renovating Mums FB group members has been transforming her 60’s home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Her and her family have been slowly updating and renovating the home to suit their lifestyle. The kitchen and back / front yards were the first to be tackled, and now after a few years the very outdated bathrooms and laundry had become very desperate!!

We caught up to find out all about her recent renovation of her main bathroom, ensuite and power room >>>

Take us on a journey of your recent renovation of your main bathroom, ensuite and powder room. They all have such a unique style and seem to have such a story behind your choices in style, fixtures and finishes.

I knew I wanted my bedroom and ensuite to feel like a more moody and luxurious retreat. I didn’t have a lot of space to play with though. I decided to go with a dark ensuite, clear glass louvre window for natural light (its still very private), and very good lighting. I had the ceiling painted dark green too.

I became nervous about my decision so engaged Kylie from Space Dresser who was encouraging and came tile shopping with me. She helped me select the wall Kit Kat’s and charcoal floor. I knew it was a risk to have floor to ceiling Kit Kat’s, but I love it! The ensuite layout had to be moved about which did add to the cost.

I couldn’t find a vanity I liked as I really wanted legs. I took my idea and some sketches to Just in Place and they were extremely helpful in designing a custom vanity, plus had the tiles I wanted! I chose the Wormy Chestnut timber as I wanted something a bit ‘darker’ and warm. Just in Place also organised the Rugged Concrete Cesarstone benchtop and I purchased the amazing green sink from them as well.

I knew the other sinks I wanted were from Concrete Nation and saw that Just in Place had their colour samples in store! It was meant to be. I selected the colours I wanted from their colour samples and Just In Place ordered them in for me.

How stunning is your ensuite tapware! What can you tell us about it?

The ensuite tapware is from Brodware. They custom made the shower tapware for me, and the sink tapware is their Yokato set in Nordic Brushed Brass.

I had underfloor heating put in, heated vertical towel rails and the matte black toilet is an in wall cistern from Fienza Koko.

What are you favorite features in the ensuite?

I have to say my favourite feature are Just in Places kit-kat wall tiles and the timber of their vanity. I just love the Wormy Chestnut timer! Actually, now that I think about it, I also really love the Brodware basin taps as well.

Your main bathroom has a completely different feel, such a beautiful, calm, restful room.

I like to be able to express my different taste as much as I can and with this room I was keen to create a more simple, pared back palette.

I kept the same layout as it was the most practical and enlisted Kylie to come shopping with me again.

Both the floor and wall tiles from Tile Cloud. The floor tiles are the Thirroul in Bone colour  (although the style has changed since I purchased them last year), and the wall tiles are their Newport in Matte White.

Was the vanity designed for the basin?

I was struggling with how to incorporate the Concrete Nation basin I wanted, so we came up with that fabulous drop down idea, still keeping the basic design I wanted. Just in Place then made the vanity for me using Spotted Gum timber.

The other features in the main bathroom include the bath tub from Just in Place, tapware from Brodware and the mirror from Future Glass. The toilet is a matte white Fienza.

I’d have to say that Concrete Nation (Malta in nude) sink is my favourite feature. I can’t get enough of the textured exterior. I had it intentionally placed nearest the door, so I can see it whenever I walk past.

Now for that sublime powder room! Such a fun, entertaining space, tell us about it.

I had a lot of fun with the design of the powder room. I really wanted to create a wow feeling whenever I walked in there.

The backyard is tropical so I wanted to select a wallpaper in that style. I’ve been in love with this wallpaper for about two years so I knew exactly what I wanted! Kylie from space Dresser assisted me by sourcing and ordering it.  I then had the wallpaper applied by That Wallpaper Guy who did an amazing job lining it all up.

After selecting the wallpaper I felt I then needed to restrain myself from adding much else so I just went with a sink, and toilet. I went back to Just in Place with a sample of the wallpaper to order the Concrete Nation Tropez sink in a  greenstone colour but then spied the Red Iron concrete sample they had. Placed with the wallpaper sample we decided on the red colour concrete instead of the green.

I found Just in Place great. The team there was so encouraging about trying something a little different whenever I popped into their showroom.

What about the rest of the powder room features?

The floor tiles are Tile Cloud Thirroul  in Bone, taken from the main bathroom. The toilet this time is a matte black Fienza. To really make the room pop I painted the ceiling dark green. Porters Paints were great with colour matching when I went in-store with my samples.

How have you found maintaining the concrete basins?

I’ve found the concrete sinks are easy to maintain, just a weekly, or when needed wipe down, like any other sink.

Thank you for sharing this with us Dru! I just love the different styles of your rooms matching the personalities of you and your family and it feels like such a warm and welcoming home. Congratulations!

If you would like more information on any of the above products or suppliers then click on the links throughout the blog or get in touch with the amazing ladies at Just In Place and pop into their showroom in Belrose.

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