Are you looking for a great renovation bible? That you can flick through to confirm a reno stage, read in depth or get your pen out to make notes?

I’ve just received my copy of The Happy Renovator and I love it! Clear, concise, packed full of valuable information. It’s also fun to read (super important when you are short on time) and I can honestly say it’s a practical book to have whether you are just starting out, or if you are a reno junkie. 

Written by Werine Erasmus, a bright, bubbly home renovator with over 18 years experience in renovating properties, The Happy Renovator equips you with the confidence to renovate your own spaces. Knowing the steps when renovating is key to a successful project and this book helps you achieve your dream! I find Werine’s advice, inspiration and actions would be easily adapted to any budget. 

And even though the book’s core audience would be those renovating for profit, it includes such valuable information on renovation processes that is so clearly laid out that I find it relevant to all wanting to refresh, renovate and update their homes. The book does mainly focus on cosmetic renovations but it is still so helpful on helping you stage the works for more structural renovations as well. 

Sooo what’s in The Happy Renovator?

Werine has written her bible in 10 Chapters known as the renovation ‘Steps’. All rooms within a home are clearly discussed with actionable steps to renovate that room and tips. And she doesn’t just focus on the internals….all the externals are covered including exterior of the home, garages, fences, landscaping and pools. 

And I love the Tips & Action points! This makes it so easy to flick to a relevant chapter and just sneak read these points (I’m always in a rush). Packing a  punch, for me these hold the most value. Then you can delve deeper into the detail in the chapter for more clarity. 

The Happy Renovator Book Reno Checklist How To Guide

Each Step is then interspaced with personal case studies (cause we all love a good before & after!). Each case study outlines the costs and reno work undertaken from a small caravan through to an apartment, townhouse and then villa. 

My absolute fav Step at this moment in my renovation is her Patch, Sand & Paint chapter as I’m DIYing this bit in our reno and extension to save $ and it’s just packed full of advice and goodies! Even for a seasoned renovator it is just so nice to have a good list to remind me of the step by step process and to be honest, I really don’t know everything! This chapter has given me some time saving tips that have really helped.

The Happy Renovator Book Reno Checklist How To Guide Paint

One really important thing that I find so unusual these days is that The Happy Renovator is NOT packed full of promotion. There’s no sell, no sneaky promo’s, it’s not written with a bias. 

I find Werine’s writing style really positive and fun. She expresses her joy in her projects, in her personal experiences. I found it helped reduce the overwhelm in my own project (and really right now, I’m super stressed juggling it all), it helped prioritise my own list of actions to tackle, and reminded me why I was doing what I was doing. Reminding me of the joy and fun in the process when you are knee deep in paint, sawdust and trades. 

So if you’re looking for a fun, informative reno bible with time saving ideas, organisation, inspiration and guidance, then check out The Happy Renovator (‘Retails for $29.99 – available for purchase online here.)

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x Marissa

The book is also available for purchase from:  Berkelouw bookstore (Paddington), Harry Hartog stores, Dymocks Parramatta and Warringah Mall.

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