Find out why an Interior Designer is not only for the rich and famous…

People ask us all the time why do I need an interior designer when I can find what I’m looking for on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or from my sisters’ best friend who just redid her sons room. 

Busting the myth that hiring an interior designer is only for the rich and famous, Kel and Bec from Sweet Dream Interiors are going to tell you the top 5 reasons why you should hire an interior designer and how they can help you create your dream home. 

1 Time is money

While you may sit at your computer for hours trolling through sites looking for the perfect pink and purple rug with a yellow stripe for your daughter’s rooms. We can come up with the perfect rainbow themed rug for you at the right price and have it fit in to the space that you already have. We’re essentially saving you time to do your day to day activities. 

Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer
Lorena Canal Washable Rub Source: Sweet Dreams Interiors

2 We’re hooked up 

There are a lot of companies that are trade only. We have access to them and can get you products that are unique because the gen pop can’t buy them at Westfield Bondi junction. 

3 Trained Eyes

Just because a piece of furniture fits into the space doesn’t necessarily mean that it “fits” into the space. 

As qualified interior designers we have a trained eye and can tell you straight away if there is something wrong or right with a space. We can walk into a room and get a feel for what would work aesthetically. We often have clients call us in after they have tried to do it themselves and have become incredibly frustrated with the process. 

4 Bedrooms on a budget

We can work with any budget. If you already love the space but just want to spice it up a bit we can use what you have and just add a few key pieces to give it that WOW factor.  

Sweet Dreams Interiors
Playroom fit out on a budget. Source: Sweet Dreams Interiors

5 Mood Boards

We will always present you with a mood board so you can see how all the products work together. We believe that this is such an important element since we are all visual beings and its so much easier to understand how everything will come together in the space if you can see it mocked up before. If you’re cooking an apple crumble, how much easier is it if there is a picture to accompany the recipe? Interior Design works the same.  

Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer
Mood Board for Playroom Source: Sweet Dreams Interiors

The aim of an interior designer is always to create a cohesive and functional scheme for you that you love.  We at Sweet Dreams Interiors are passionate about what we do and love injecting life into your sanctuaries.

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Happy Renovating!

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  1. Ellie Davis

    Making sure your company has the best furniture and look seems to be something that owners should consider. Thank you for pointing out that interior designers have trained eyes that can tell you if something is right or wrong with a space. Hopefully, companies look into hiring the best interior designers possible.

    1. RenovatingMums17 Listing Owner

      Thank you Ellie for your feedback. We hope this does inspire renovators to contact their local interior designers and talk through how they can help.

  2. Kate Welling

    I like how you mentioned that interior designers have a trained eye so they can tell right away if there is something wrong with your space. My husband wants to start his own business, and I think hiring an interior designer would be a great idea so his customers can feel right. It makes sense that you want your space to be pleasing aesthetically, as you mentioned.

    1. RenovatingMums17 Listing Owner

      Thanks Kate. Interior Designers just make the process that little bit easier. Best of luck to your husband.

  3. Sam Li

    I appreciate what you said about interior designers and how they a trained eye in order to tell if a certain space in your home is working or not. I believe it’s a great idea to work with an interior designer that has a background in architecture or largescale design. My wife wants to install new homewares, so I’ll help her find a company that offers a wide selection of designer-approved products.