While many of us tackle a home renovation as a way to improve our own living space, an increase in your home’s value is another great benefit! If you are looking to renovate a home specifically to sell it, there are some fantastic cheap renovations to increase your home’s value you can do that add a little touch of fabulous without taking too much time.

Even if you are planning to stay in your home for the long-term, increasing your home’s value can only be a good thing. You never know what life might bring, so adding to the resale value of your home with one or more of these renovation ideas could make a lot of sense.

Our renovation tips are simple, easy and don’t need to take a lot of work. Plus they have the added benefit of being cost-effective. They are also wonderful ways to show the potential of your home.

Lift Your Street Appeal

The first impression of your home is so important to buyers, both in the estate agents’ photos and when potential buyers first walk up to your house. One of the most important and simple ways to increase your home’s value is to improve how it looks from the street.

Consider getting a whole new fence if in the budget, otherwise at least fix and put a fresh coat of paint on the existing fence.

Put a new coat of paint on the front door – consider something striking that will connect with buyers. You could also either invest in a new garage door or paint the old one to look fresh and attractive.

Green Front Door
Creating an entrance; Source: Pinterest

Make the front garden and the porch inviting – add pots and furniture to your entranceway, clean up garden beds, put fresh mulch everywhere, make sure lawns are mown and put in new, more mature plants. If you have time, also consider laying a new lawn to cover any patchy areas.

Brighten Interiors

Welcome people into your home by refreshing and brightening your interior. You can do this through small changes to furnishings or through a larger refresh of wall colours. 

Step 1
Take a leisurely walk through your home and walk in and out of each room. Take note of what you see first, what draws your eye. Consider places you can tidy clutter and refresh each room, look for bright ways you can draw the eye to what you want it to see.

Step 2
Consider a fresh coat of paint, including subtle feature walls and an updated colour scheme. On interior walls think about easy neutral tones like grey, beige or ‘greige’ which are popular, and which provide a wonderful blank slate for an array of brighter coloured soft furnishings and art pieces.

Popular colours this year include those that give a warm relaxed feeling of quiet minimalism – giving occupants the ability to slow down and just breathe. Look for soothing colours such as Dulux’s New Life, Blind Date and Shetland Lace Half. We also love the soft warmth of Sliver Thaw and Madame Mauve.

Dulux Madam Mauve
Dulux wholeself trend with sense of quiet minimalism. Source: Dulux

Step 3
Look for simple ways to add changeable pops of colours, such as new scatter cushions or vibrant indoor plants.

Refresh your Kitchen

You don’t need a complete overhaul, which can get expensive, but you can make lots of smaller changes to your kitchen to add new life as well as personality. Again consider a fresh coat of paint or a feature wall to add a big wow factor, before looking around at what else you can brighten up.

Consider updating doors, handles, fittings such as taps and faucets, and putting in a new splashback. Look into cost-effective benchtop replacements such as the Bunnings laminates which come in a wide range of options.

Refresh your Bathroom

In your bathroom, consider a new vanity or cabinet, however if you have less of a budget look into new fittings such as the towel rail, toilet roll holder, taps, and shower head. Copper and bronze fittings look wonderful in the bathroom and are on trend at the moment, as are unique and arty light fittings and handles on cupboards and drawers.

Cheap renovations to increase home value
Range of colours for bathroom fittings, love the rose gold! Source: RM’s @ Just In Place

At the very least, in the bathroom, you should refresh the grout, update the paint, and get a new toilet seat. Look into design changes and soft furnishings in this room as well to add life, such as flowers and plants, art and colourful patterned towels.

Focus on Flooring

While totally new flooring is probably out of the question, don’t underestimate the impact of more cost-effective flooring options to giving your property a wonderful cosmetic lift. Look into laminate options and new hybrid flooring possibilities which can cost as little as $30-$40 per square metre.

cheap renovations to increase home value
Aquastop laminate flooring at CTM showroom; Source: RM’s

Update Window Furnishings

Your windows are a great way to bring light and brightness into your home, so you should give them every opportunity to shine.

Considering replacing blinds and curtains is a simple and quick cosmetic update you can do yourself that is also easy on the wallet. Try Ikea, Bunnings, Spotlight, and BlindsOnline.
We love beautiful sheers in the bedroom with soft throws, this adds to the feel of soothing calm that we talked about earlier in brightening your interior.

Refreshing your house for sale is all about possibility – letting potential buyers see just what can be done and how they can feel in this beautiful home. You don’t have to spend big to make a difference to your home’s value come sale day.

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    When it comes to flooring, don’t forget to pay attention to your bathrooms! A new set of tiles in the bathroom can really freshen the place up. Great article!

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    No doubt our house makes first impression through photos in listing so make sure to set it all up before calling a photographer. I believe house makes first impressions twice. through photos and when the buyer pull up in front of the house and see it from outside. Anyways.. All these renovation tips you shared very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing!