Bathroom Inspiration – wash your worries away….

In need of a family-friendly bathroom renovation but not sure where to start?  

Leah & Galit, design and renovation experts from Just In Place, Sydney recommend you give your family-friendly bathroom renovation a boost with these top bathroom design tips and inspirational ideas.  

1 Storage 

Declutter and keep the knick-knacks out of sight. Choose a vanity with either doors or drawers, a shaving cabinet and even add a storage unit if possible. 

Bathroom Renovation Storage
Double Bathroom Vanity with multiple storage options. Source: Just In Place

2 Mirrors 

Always a good idea for both functionality and design (although seriously, do we really want to look at ourselves so sleep deprived?!) 

In addition to being essential for all those tasks like applying make-up, mirrors will help you make the most of your space by making it appear bigger and reflect the light, they can also act as a statement piece 

Bathroom Renovation Mirrors
Circular Bathroom Mirror above small vanity with storage. Source: Just In Place

3 Power points 

Essential! Think about placing inside a vanity or a shaving cabinet so any rechargeables are out of sight and surfaces are kept clear. 

4 Niche 

In the shower or above a bath, a niche adds depth and interest and also helps with storage and display. Consider lighting and change in tile for added WOW. 

5 Heated Towel Rails 

Not only practical but adds that extra touch of luxury to your bathroom. 

There is nothing more comforting and inviting than a warm towel after a relaxing shower / bath. And for those cold nights a heated towel rail can dry your wet towels quickly and conveniently. 

Bathroom Renovation Niche
Bathroom niche storage with ambient lighting and heated towel rail. Source: Just In Place

6 Under floor heating 

Once an expensive luxury its today’s must have. 

Low cost, easy installation (even DIY), safe and a nice-even distribution of heat throughout the entire space make it a preferred source of heating for your bathroom. It also helps dry out the space faster and prevent humidity becoming an issue in the bathroom. 

7 Lighting 

Having the correct lighting in the bathroom is vital in order to perform all daily tasks such as applying makeup, shaving, brushing… 

The location of this lighting is very important too to ensure shadows are reduced and focal points are highlighted. There are different types of lighting depending upon the function required and we recommend a combination:  

  • General lighting: LED downlights in Warm or Cool light colour are the most popular choice.  
  • Task lighting: Installed above vanity. Ensure they are correctly placed to avoid shadowing when using the mirrors.  
  • Ambient lighting: Think about wall lights, scones or pendant lights to add some interest and sense of drama. 
Bathroom Renovation Lighting
Bathroom task lighting with double vanity and plants. Source: Just In Place

8 Plants 

Consider greenery! Add for that splash of colour and natural texture. Plant recommendations include: Orchid, Aloe Vera’, Cast Iron Fern, Chinese Evergreen and Begonia‘s.

Phsst…they don’t have to be real. If you struggle to keep them alive there are some amazing fake versions out there.  

9 Unique Tile Shapes 

Can be used on both walls and floors to create some subtle interest and texture. Consider how tile size can be utilised. 

There are plenty options to choose from try: hexagon, arabesque, moroccan fish scales… 

Bathroom Renovation Unique Tiles
Unique Bathroom Tiles; Large and small hexagon with a feature plant. Source: Just In Place

So there you have it, our top family-friendly bathroom renovation design tips from Leah & Galit at Just In Place in Sydney. If you would like to know more then please check out their listing here in our Bathroom Renovations directory or pop along to their Belrose showroom at Unit 14, 25 Narabang Way, Belrose.

Don’t forget to head on over to our Facebook Group where you can ask for advice from fellow mums for free! Leah & Galit are also members and will be happy to answer any questions and offer advice. 

Happy renovating! 

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  1. Prasanna

    This blog is very helpful and well-written. Bathrooms are among the most utilised area of any home. These design tips and inspirational ideas make you get the most from the properties by enhancing both functionality and value.

    1. RenovatingMums17 Listing Owner

      Thanks Prasanna, we love these tips from Just In Place and find them very inspirational as well as practical.

  2. My Bath

    Bathroom renovations can produce a small bathroom that is fully functional, beautiful, interesting, creative and affordable. Bathroom renovations nearly always include a new vanity or other storage options.Thank you for this valuable post

  3. Handy Home

    The bathroom tiles are absolutely stunning! They really compliment the whole ensuite. Super stylish, love it!