Locally-made Custom Poly or Timber Vanities by the team at Just In Place.

A custom poly or solid hardwood vanity from ‘Just In Place’ shows quality and craftsmanship, lifting the wow factor in your bathroom or ensuite!

A custom vanity also offers you the opportunity to design and configure the perfect vanity for your needs.

Don’t be scared to use timber in the bathroom; not only does it look amazing with its warmth and texture but it is also very practical. Add a stone top to the top of the vanity and you have extra protection from little people!

Key considerations for the design of your vanity:

Beautifully customised green poly vanity by ‘Just In Place’

  • Dimensions of your vanity – remember to take into account how many basins there will be.
  • Choosing the colour and finish for a poly vanity or your timber type; timber type can include Spotted Gum, Wormy Chestnut, American Oak, Blackbutt, and Tasmanian Oak.
  • Locations of basins – if a single basin would you like it centered or offset? If offset left/right, consider which side of the vanity you would prefer.
  • Wall hung or with legs – if wall-hung make sure you discuss with your builder and plumber to ensure correct location of the waste pipe so it remains hidden in the wall, and that there is enough support placed in the wall to hang your vanity safely.
  • Just In Place Custom Poly Bathroom Vanity Green with Stone Top
    Beautifully customised green poly vanity by ‘Just In Place’

The next step is where the functionality of your vanity comes in, and where the options are endless with a custom vanity;


Here you need to think about how you would use your vanity. Do you like everything tucked away and hidden? You would consider drawers or cupboards with doors. Or if you would like some design features with easy accessibility you could consider integrating shelves and open spaces.

Internal configurations – these change from unit to unit depending on the overall design of the vanity:

  • Basin location and waste cut – define if you want one or two basins, and then the desired location. Once basin locations are determined, the waste space below will be configured depending on whether you select drawers or cupboards.
  • Internal Drawer Option – this is an additional internal drawer inside the drawer. A fantastic feature for extra space and storing make-up or jewelry.
  • Internal Divider Option – giving you built-in separate compartments. Perfect for keeping your drawers neat and tidy.
Just In Place Custom Timber Vanity with Drawers Stone Top Sydney
Beautifully customised timber vanity and mirror cabinet by ‘Just In Place’

We love the fact that the gorgeous vanities at ‘Just In Place’ offer you the ability to design your dream bathroom vanity! Thank you ladies!

If you would like more information on any of the above or would like to discuss you needs with the team at Just In Place, then please contact (02) 9446 9642 or check out their listing here. 

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