Kitchens are the hub of the family home. Juggling dinners, school lunches and giggles while baking with the kids means benchtops are really put through their paces. 

With the cost of stone adding a fairly chunky $ to your budget it is vitally important you choose a stone that stands up to family use, and the multitude of stains this can bring!

One of our fabulous community members, Denise, polled the group recently for a list of stains that she needed to test on her samples and with over 140 comments we have a rather comprehensive list >>>

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List of stains in no particular order:

Denise rose to the challenge and tested what she had on hand in her cupboards:

Stains were left for over 12 hours to ‘mature’ on the samples of engineered quartz stone.


  • Long sample is premium top of the line engineered quartz
  • 2 smaller speckled samples are basic range engineered quartz

Results of the stain test

Stain test on engineered stone benchtops
Photo 1: Just before cleaning
Stain test on engineered stone benchtops
Photo 2: Washed with cloth and water
Stain tests on engineered quartz benchtops
Photo 3: Washed with organic cleaner, cloth and water

After elbow grease all that remained was permanent maker and a faint turmeric stain. These would probably disappear with more elbow grease or a harsher cleaner such as Jif or Gumption.

Hubby then suggested she try nail polish remover – and it WORKED! All remaining stains gone!

Stain testing stone benchtops turmeric
Photo 4: All stains gone after nail polish remover is used.

* Please make sure you read the warranty supplied by your stone manufacturer. Using some cleaners will void warranty such as nail polish remover.

Thank you Denise for doing the test for us and demonstrating the results!! Hope you love your final choice in stone benchtop and cannot wait to see your kitchen renovation! x Marissa

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