If you are planning a bathroom renovation then your budget is the first thing you need to lock down. We asked Mary Todarello from Total Bathroom Centre in Killara, for her expert advice

So how much will my bathroom renovation cost?

According to freelance journalist for Choice, Kylie Matthews, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) estimates there were around 233,188 bathroom renovations in 2018–19. The average cost of a bathroom installed in new homes in this period was $16,430, and $17,522 as part of a renovation. 

It is often said that bathrooms and kitchens sell a house. So having unrealistic expectations or cutting corners on your budget, can often lead to trouble. Having a fully qualified builder oversee and coordinate the project is often perceived as an expensive option. However, those quotes that come in at half the price often have hidden risks; from inferior product choices, to unlicensed and uninsured trades. Bathrooms are a big investment that add value to your home. Why skimp out?

We always suggest the cost of a bathroom renovation can vary anywhere from $15,000 to $27,000 depending on the size and complexity of your project.

Australia’s Renovation Queen, Cherie Barber, suggests the following formula to determine your bathroom renovation budget…

“attribute two percent (2%) of your current property value to the project”

In her blog Renovating for Profit, Barber says “if you have a house worth $700,000, your fully furnished budget is $14,000 dollars”.

When renovating a bathroom, the budget is also dictated by the cost and quality of your fittings. The saying, “you get what you pay”, not only refers to the fittings but to your tradie. Research and due diligence is important when purchasing your fittings and choosing a tradie. The bathroom is one of the most complicated rooms in your home and there are a number of processes and trades involved. So it is worth getting it right.

When purchasing your fixtures, conduct your own research on the brand you choose. We always encourage our customers look at the warranty periods attached to a product or brand, and always read the fine print.

When picking your builder or trade, you should always check credentials. Some “builders/trades” have the gift of the gab but the finished product is often not worth their enthusiasm. Always obtain three quotes and make your selection based on qualifications, licences and insurances in place.

Any work over $20,000 (excluding fixtures) requires Home Warranty insurance which is now known as Home Building Compensation Fund insurance or HBCF insurance. A copy of the HBCF insurance certificate in your name and your address must be provided to you before work can commence and before a deposit can be taken. So before undertaking any renovation work, arm yourself with the power of knowledge. For further information click here.

Before and After Bathroom Renovation

This project by the team from Total Bathroom Centre involved a very tight budget and clever planning. This ugly duckling was ready on time for the new tenant.

Thank you Mary!

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