As the saying goes, ‘first impressions matter,’ and when it comes to your home, the entryway sets the tone for the entire space. 

One often overlooked aspect in the design of your entryway is shoe storage; a practical necessity in any family home that can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entrance. And let’s be honest, if you get it wrong it can turn into a chaotic mess of soccer boots, school shoes, and Merry Boots!

To help create calm in the chaos, we’re going to explore some ingenious shoe storage ideas that seamlessly blend functionality and style for any Australian family home.

Shoe Storage Ideas

1. Furniture with Dual Purpose

Opt for entryway furniture that not only looks good but also serves as shoe storage. Look for console tables, benches, or cabinets that feature built-in shoe racks or shelves. IKEA’s versatile range of shoe cabinets often includes pieces that merge aesthetics with functionality seamlessly.

Home beautiful Ikea shoe storage entryway inspiration
Ikea Shoe Storage Entryway Inspiration Photo: Home Beautiful

2. Custom Joinery Elegance

For those seeking a bespoke solution, consider investing in custom joinery. Cabinet Makers can offer tailor-made options to fit your space and design preferences, guaranteeing a perfect fit and can incorporate unique features like hidden shoe compartments and pull-out racks. We have some fabulous Joinery & Cabinet Makers in the RM’s directory that can make your dreams come true; check them out here.

Under stairs storage inspiration shoe custom joinery sydney
Pull-out shoe storage under staircase Photo: Dovetail Designs

3. Vertical Storage Brilliance

Vertical shoe storage options are ideal for small entryways. Wall-mounted shoe racks, hanging organizers, or even repurposed ladder-style shelves can create visual interest while efficiently holding your footwear collection.

4. Floating Shelves and Wall Cubbies

Enhance your entryway’s aesthetics with floating shelves or wall-mounted cubbies. These not only showcase your shoes as decorative elements but also keep them easily accessible. Check out specialty furniture stores for unique and artistic shelving designs.

Tiered Shoe Rack Cubbies Amazon Inspiration Storage
Tiered Shoe Rack Cubbies Photo: Amazon

5. Understair Storage Magic

Make the most of the often-underutilised space under your staircase. Convert it into a smart shoe storage haven by installing shelves, cubbies, or pull-out drawers. This not only keeps your entryway clutter-free but also maximizes space efficiency. IKEA and Bunnings offer an array of modular storage solutions perfect for creating your own understair shoe haven or you can have a Cabinet Maker customise a solution that could be hidden away behind doors! 

Understair Storage Real Living Inspiration Shoe Sydney
Under Stair Shoe Storage Photo: Real Living

6. Mudroom Marvels

If you have an entryway off a garage, consider creating a designated mudroom, especially handy during rainy days! Mudrooms offer dedicated spaces for shoes, coats, and other outdoor gear. Incorporate benches with hidden shoe storage compartments to keep footwear neatly stashed away. I personally have created a combined laundry + mudroom off our garage and it is the absolute workroom of the house! As a family we use this entrance more than the front door and it hides all school bags, sports gear, shoes, boots, and wet swimmers. I love it!

Combined mudroom & laundry with shoe storage. Design: Oak and Orange Sydney Inspiration
Combined mudroom & laundry with shoe storage. Design: Oak and Orange


Creating an organised and stylish entryway begins with clever shoe storage solutions. From underutilised spaces to purposeful furniture and custom joinery, there’s a myriad of options available to suit every taste and budget. Whether you’re drawn to the modular simplicity of IKEA and Bunnings, the craftsmanship of bespoke joinery, or even upcycling a cabinet from FB Marketplace, transforming your entryway into an inviting and functional space has never been easier. Elevate your home’s first impression with shoe storage ideas that reflect your personal style while maintaining the practicality needed for family living.

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