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Bathrooms are an important space within the family home. Bathrooms, when executed correctly, can be extremely functional, inviting, open and spacious as well as offering tranquility and luxury. They are also becoming more and more customised and personalised to suit your style.

So, why invest tens of thousands of dollars into a bathroom renovation, and almost walk into it blindfolded? Why not allocate a small portion of those funds to 2D & 3D bathroom designs?

We chatted to Belinda at Decoris Bathrooms who is a strong advocate of investing time into the planning and design stage to find out more about the benefits of 2D & 3D computerised bathroom designs to create your dream bathroom.

All about 2D Bathoom Designs

2D designs are computer-generated drawings that provide a high-detail floor-plan layout of your proposed bathroom including:

  • Specific configuration of your bathroom layout
  • Physical measurements of the overall space
  • Highly detailed measurements of spacing between fixtures and fittings for example, the distance between the toilet to the vanity
  • Birds’ eye viewpoint for visualising the functionality of the space
2D Bathroom Designs Plans and Layouts Sydney
2D bathroom layout plan; Decoris Bathrooms

The 2D design drawings most importantly help you visualise in your own space how functional the proposed bathroom will be on a day-to-day basis. All of the high attention to detail considerations, like:

  • How much space will there be in the shower area? Is there enough space for storage of soap, shampoo bottles and to still functionally use the shower
  • Is there enough space in the toilet area to not be too compact? Is there appropriate space for the toilet roll holder, where you can put it on a perpendicular wall, so you don’t need to awkwardly reach behind for the toilet paper
  • Is there enough space to walk around for ease of cleaning and not creating hard-to-reach areas?

And many more considerations that 2D design drawings help reveal and facilitate you with creating your perfect bathroom.

What about 3D Designs?

3D designs articulate in a highly specific manner and a great degree of detail, the types of products selected and how the colours and styles work together as well as providing that all-important ‘sense of space‘. This visual representation is facilitated by:

  • Different elevations and perspectives of the fittings, fixtures and finishes in-situ in the bathroom
  • 360-degree vantage points from all sides of the bathroom so you can see how it looks
3D Bathroom Designs Visualisation Sydney
3D bathroom visualisation; Decoris Bathrooms

The benefit of these 3D drawings is that they empower you with complete confidence in a bathroom design and layout, so it not only meets your functional requirements but is of a design, colour, and style that matches your expectations and is personalised to your family home.

This then leads you to be able to confidently go into a showroom with the computerised drawings and incorporate the physical products and colours and bring your dream bathroom to life.

There are many contemporary styles like the recent bathroom design and renovation pictured below, where subtle tones from the golden fixtures are incorporated with stunning, grey stone floor and wall tiles, and the textured wall-hung vanity, which provides an elegant, modern feel, that beautifully complements the rest of the rooms of the family home.

Bathroom Design and Renovation Decoris Bathrooms
Berowra Project: bathroom design and renovation; Decoris Bathrooms

Whilst the design and planning process can be time and labour-intensive, the results of the Berowra Project above unreservedly speak loudly for themselves, with the quality and highly detailed finish of the bathroom renovation.

The design and planning process is worthwhile investing in, but for those who aren’t DIY designers or have the means or access to these computer programs, you can engage with experts like Belinda at Decoris Bathrooms, where they specialise in the full renovation process from consultation, design to installation and provide experienced tradespeople, highly detailed designs, expert advice and consistent and open communication throughout the whole journey.

Decoris Bathrooms are a company, whose values are ensuring you have a beautiful family home, that you are proud of and love, and will create new, everlasting memories for many years to come.

Thanks for chatting Belinda!

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  1. Melbourne Bathroom

    Your article beautifully elucidates the transformative power of 2D and 3D designs in the pursuit of creating dream bathrooms. The comparison between the two design approaches effectively highlights their distinct advantages. 2D designs lay the foundation, offering a clear blueprint that aids in spatial planning and layout considerations. On the other hand, the immersive experience provided by 3D designs brings concepts to life, allowing homeowners to visualize their dream bathrooms in a realistic manner.

    The emphasis on the collaborative aspect between homeowners and designers in refining the design through iterations is crucial. It’s evident that leveraging both 2D and 3D designs provides a comprehensive and iterative design process that not only meets practical needs but also aligns with personal aesthetic preferences.

    Your insights provide a compelling case for the symbiotic relationship between these design tools and the realization of dream bathrooms. This holistic approach ensures that functionality, aesthetics, and personal style converge seamlessly, making the journey towards a dream bathroom an exciting and well-informed experience for homeowners. Well-articulated and insightful piece