Do you need extra storage? After a clean sleek aesthetic?

One of the decisions you need to make when designing your bathroom is if you would like a shaving cabinet above your vanity or a bathroom mirror. 

And it can be a hard decision! 

All those gorgeous photos on Instagram of sleek round mirrors or striking recessed timber shaving cabinets. It can seem like a daunting decision and it’s a question we see come up in our Facebook Community Group as we all bounce ideas off each other.

So what do you need to consider when selecting either a shaving cabinet or a bathroom mirror? How do you make the decision of what would suit you and your family?

Shaving Cabinet Vs Bathroom Mirror

1. Functionality

A key consideration when choosing between a shaving cabinet or a bathroom mirror is actually do you need a cabinet. 

Main bathrooms, kids’ bathrooms, and ensuites all function slightly differently and each defined user may have a different need.

In a kid’s bathroom or the main bathroom, the vanity could be large enough to store all items needed and you may not have any need for storage at head height. Plus children have a habit of dropping items out of cabinets and could crack the basin (it’s happened!). A bathroom mirror in this instance could be a more practical choice.

In an ensuite, space can be at a premium and a shaving cabinet provides sleek functional storage for toiletries, toothbrushes, medication, etc. 

Make sure you take note of the space available and how you would use the mirror. Do you and your partner use the ensuite at the same time? Is it a double vanity? Make sure you have 2-doors to the mirror to ensure you can both see while you are opening the door or you could have 2 smaller separate cabinets. 


2. Design

Do you have enough space to have a shaving cabinet? Remember, shaving cabinets stick out of the wall and make a space seem smaller OR is it possible to recess the cabinet? 

Depending on where you are in the building or renovating process your builder may be able to recess your cabinet into the wall giving a flush sleek look. We all love ‘hidden’ storage!

You can also have the cabinet designed with open shelves below or to the side of the mirror cabinet for commonly used items. 

Just In Place Timber Shaving Cabinet with Shelving Sydney
Timber Shaving Cabinet with Open Shelving; Photo & Supplier: Just In Place, Sydney

3. Cost

A bathroom mirror can be a more cost-effective choice than a shaving cabinet, especially if your budget is getting a bit tight.

Bonus is that choosing a mirror also gives you an option to change your mind at a later date. It’s always easier to replace a mirror as your tastes change than it is a built-in cabinet. Feeling like brass? Or timber? A more organic shape than strong rectangular lines?

Just In Place Statement Bathroom Mirror Organic
Statement Powder Room Mirror; Photo: Just In Place, Sydney

Key considerations:

As well as decisions on what style you love, your budget, and what would be most functional for your needs there are a few extra points to consider:

  • Fingerprints! Yep! If the shaving cabinet will be used by children consider how it will be opened and the need for cleaning all those little fingerprints….maybe a mirror would be better if you don’t need the extra storage?
  • Built-in Power Points. Decided on a cabinet? Right, now think about how you would use the cabinet. Include a power-point for charging electric toothbrushes, and consider one on the wall or side of the vanity for using a hair dryer with the mirror door closed.
  • Would you like a mirror with LED lighting? There are some beautiful options out there that need to be considered early in the design process for connection to the electrical outlet.
Novale Bathrooms Sydney LED Mirror Oval
Bathroom Mirror with LED Lighting; Photo: Novale Bathrooms, Sydney

I hope this helped, and most of all, enjoy the journey of selecting your ideal mirror or cabinet!

x Marissa

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